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The Dingle Whiskey Distillery in Dingle Co. Kerry Ireland - Click for larger size image

The washbacks in the Dingle Distillery - Click for larger size image

You can purchase your own cask of whiskey in Dingle - Click for larger image

Checking out the mash tun in Dingle Distillery - Click for larger image

The Dingle Distillery - Dingle

The Dingle Distillery is a small artisan whiskey distillery producing Malt and Pot Still whiskeys.  It started distilling in December 2012, which makes it Ireland's youngest distillery!


This webpage is currently being updated with all the latest information about this distillery.  The best place however to learn about Dingle Distillery is to take a trip down to this most westerly point in Europe...


The good news is that Dingle Distillery is open for tours, so if you are planning to be anywhere near Dingle, definitely make the trip to this famous little town in Kerry and visit the distillery.  You will need to book in advance, by phone or email, as they can only arrange tours for a limited number of people at certain times during the day. 


Mary and Joe are the team looking after visitors and you could not hope for a friendlier or more enthusiastic pair!  They are both Dingle locals, and very proud to be so, so if you are touring the area (a definite must, the Dingle peninsula is one of the most beautiful and spectacular part of Ireland), don't hesitate to chat to them about the area..  Our own recommendation, and another place you just cannot miss as part of your visit to Dingle, is the iconic Dick Mack's pub in the town.   A day spent in Dingle, visiting the distillery, enjoying a whiskey or two in Dick Mack's and taking in some sea air along Slea Head, has to rate as one of the best and most memorable experiences of any trip to Ireland!


The Dingle Distillery - Dingle, Co. Kerry


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