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Jameson Chocolate Truffles


Dark chocolate and Irish whiskey are without any doubt a truly irresistible combination.  The easy option is to pour yourself a glass of your favourite Irish whiskey (we recommend a classic 12 Year Old whiskey, such as Jameson 12YO or Redbreast 12YO, both strongly influenced by sherry cask maturation), and alternate between sips of whiskey and bites of dark chocolate.  But if you're feeling a little more creative, do try these very easy Jameson Truffles.  We've opted for Jameson 12YO to make them extra rich, but you can substitute regular Jameson if you wish.  Delicious on their own, with a good coffee, or for the ultimate indulgence, with a small glass of Jameson 12 Year Old!


Jameson Chocolate Truffles


(Makes about 20 medium truffles)

150g / 5oz 70% cocoa Fairtrade dark chocolate
150ml / 5fl oz Irish cream
25g / 1 oz unsalted Irish butter

3 tbsp Jameson 12YO Irish Whiskey
1 tbsp creme fraiche (optional)

Seeds from half a vanilla pod (optional)
15g / ½ oz Fairtrade cocoa powder


Small paper cases for sweets (optional)

Preparation method

1. Break chocolate into squares and place in food processor.  Grind until it resembles a coarse powder.


2. Heat the Irish cream, butter and Jameson 12YO until very hot (do not boil!).  Pour slowly, while blending with the chocolate, into the food processor. 

3.  When smooth, add the creme fraiche and vanilla, if using, and blend again.


4. Leave mixture, covered, in the fridge for a couple of hours - it will get very thick. 


5. Sift cocoa powder onto a large plate.  Dust your hands with cocoa and roll small pieces (about a teaspoon) into a ball.  You will need to work quickly so that the heat of your hands does not melt the chocolate.


6. Arrange in paper cases and refrigerate.  The truffles will keep for about a week in the fridge (but won't last that long!)

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