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Whiskey Galore Christmas Pudding


No Irish Christmas would be perfect without a boozy Christmas Pudding!  This a family recipe, and one of the nicest Christmas puddings you could hope to make.  Traditionally, Christmas Puddings are made in October or early November and left to mature, but this pudding is just as good if made a few days before Christmas.



Whiskey Galore Christmas Pudding


- 50g / 2oz brown breadcrumbs
- 50g / 2oz butter, chopped into small pieces
- 50g / 2oz brown sugar
- 50g / 2oz plain flour (type 550)
- 300g / 11oz mixed dried vine fruit – use the best quality raisins  and sultanas you can get
40g / 2.5oz chopped candied orange peel
1 grated apple
1 grated carrot
25g / 2oz chopped skinned almonds
25g / 2oz ground almonds
25g / 2oz chopped dried apricots
1 tablespoon honey
2 mandarins – juice only
1 egg - beaten
2 teaspoons mixed spice  – nutmeg, ginger, cloves and cinnamon
Pinch of salt
100ml / 4fl oz Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey + extra for soaking and flaming


Preparation method

1. Soak dried vine fruit in whiskey overnight.
2. Mix all dry ingredients together. Add soaked fruit, remaining ingredients and mix very well.
3. Place in a large heatproof bowl, cover with a circle of greaseproof paper + glass lid or aluminium foil.
4. Steam or boil for 4 hours (you can cook it longer for a richer and darker pudding)
5. After cooking, remove greaseproof paper and pour a little more whiskey over the pudding.  Store for up to 8 weeks, adding at little extra whiskey at least once a week.
6. To serve, steam pudding again for at least one hour.  Just before serving, heat 50ml Kilbeggan Irish whiskey and pour over upturned pudding.  Step back and set alight!  Serve with cold freshly whipped cream.

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