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Inside Yamamori Izakaya - click for larger size image

The downstairs Whiskey Bar - click for larger size image

Old Japanese beer ads in Yamamori Izakaya -  Click for larger image

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Yamamori Izakaya Bar & Restaurant -  Dublin 2


Located on Dublin's famous and busy South Great George's Street, Yamamori Izakaya is the latest addition to the Yamamori family.  Like those family dynasties, where each offspring seems to be even more talented and successful than the previous sibling, Yamamori Izakaya has built on the success of the well known and well loved Yamamori Sushi Nama Bar.  It is a trendy, charming and friendly Japanese restaurant, with a late night downstairs drinking house, specialising in Irish and Japanese whiskies.


The buidling, which now houses Yamamori Izakaya, was originally Ireland’s very first Café, first opened in 1894. The Bewleys, one of Ireland's most famous brand family names, were Quakers who built their empire on tea (an even more popular beverage in Ireland than whiskey!) and later, coffee, in the 19th century.  The Izakaya has kept this sense of style and now  welcomes you with imaginative and original oriental style decor, with a lovely retro feel, such as the 1940′s Chinese beer ads and movie posters.


The Izakaya's food menu is based on the very clever concept of "Japas", i.e. Japanese inspired tapas.If you are thinking sushi, with more sushi, then think again.  The variety and style of Japas available is mouth watering and is complemented by - of course - a wide choice of typical sushi, sashimi, norikami and more traditional main courses, such as the Dublin famous homemade Izakaya burger.


The drinks menu is equally as varied and oriental in inspiration, with an excellent selection of Japanese beers, sake, cocktails and of course - whisk(e)y!  The best place to enjoy your after dinner whiskey is downstairs, where you can catch a nice Cosmopolitan Tokyo cocktail or choose from a selection of over 100 different Irish, Japanese, Scotch and Bourbon whiskies, while enjoying some modern sounds from Dublin’s up and coming DJ’s.  Downstairs also serves Japanese style pub food dishes and crucially - if you like your late nights - serves drinks until 01.30am.


South Great George's Street really is only a stone's throw from Thomas Street and John's Lane, where the original John Powers Distillery was, so your first visit to Izakaya should really be marked with at least one Power's whiskey - and those in the know will definitely opt for Powers John's Lane Single Pot Still, Irish whiskey of the year 2012!  Of course, a comparison with a Japanese malt is a must in such surroundings, and we would recommend the Hakushu 12yr Single Malt, mostly unknown and near impossible to find outside Japan, which, with its notes of brine, smoke, fruit and toffee will offer you a very interesting comparison to the typical Pot Still spiciness, tobacco and leather of the Powers John's Lane.

The Izakaya has a retro easy going atmosphere and is open 7 days a week from 17:00 until late into the early hours (01.30Hrs).  It is also available for private bookings.  Check out their website or Facebook page for more information.

Yamamori Izakaya Bar & Restaurant - 12/13 South Great George's Street, Dublin 2

Tel: 353 (0)1  645 8001



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