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The Beaufort Bar in Kerry - a traditional and well loved Irish pub near Killarney

Inside the Beaufort Bar  - Click for larger size image

The Beaufort Bar as it was at the turn of the 20th century

The restaurant upstairs in the Beaufort Bar - Click for larger size image

The Beaufort Bar & Restaurant - probably as famous with locals for its great restaurant as it is for its pub

The Beaufort Bar & Restaurant – Co. Kerry


The Beaufort Bar is set in the tiny village of Beaufort on the road to the Gap of Dunloe and only about 10 minutes drive from the popular town of Killarney. It was first opened in 1841 and has been in the O'Sullivan family ever since. The present owner is Padraig O'Sullivan (Junior) and he is the whiskey man in this pub. Padraig developed an interest in whiskey about 20 years ago and has been quietly collecting different Irish and Scottish whiskeys ever since.

The good news is that Padraig very much believes in the Open Bottle - Open Mind philosophy, so you can enjoy every one of the whiskeys behind his bar. That's about 100 different whiskeys to try out - with an emphasis on whiskey of the Irish variety obviously - making it one of the most extensive whiskey collections in Ireland. You'll find whiskeys in the Beaufort Bar you never even heard of before, or whiskeys that have long disappeared from other shelves. Better news still, all his whiskeys are very reasonably priced, so you can try out some of those lesser known Irish whiskeys without breaking the bank.  Padraig is also very knowledgeable about whiskey, so don't be afraid to ask him for recommendations.

From the natural stone front of the building, shaded by a mature sycamore, to the exquisite interior workmanship in wood and stone, Beaufort Bar is a very welcoming pub. It's very popular with locals and interestingly, it became home to a thriving film industry when the Kalem Film Company of America decided to use the Beaufort Bar as their base for four seasons of filming between the years of 1911 and 1914. During this period, over seventy feature films were produced, each of about 20 minutes duration, with titles such as Ireland the Oppressed, The Colleen Bawn, and A letter from America. Many stills from the Kalem movies today adorn the walls of the Beaufort Bar and Restaurant, evoking memories of this historic period of Beaufort's past.

The Beaufort Bar also boasts an excellent restaurant upstairs, which specialises in local produce. They offer a very extensive wine list and of course, we recommend you finish your meal with one of those 100 odd whiskeys from downstairs.

And finally, Irish Coffee. The Beaufort Bar probably makes the best Irish Coffee anywhere near Killarney. Our insiders' tip? Walk up the Gap of Dunloe (and back!) before arriving in Beaufort Bar. Never will an Irish Coffee have tasted so good - that's a promise!

Beaufort Bar & Restaurant, Beaufort, Co. Kerry

Tel.: +353 (0)64 6644149 (Bar) or +353 (0)64 6644032 (Restaurant)




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