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Food and Whiskey


Matching food and wine has become an intrinsic part of our heritage and culture.  Matching food and craft beers is staring to gain popularity.  But did you know that Irish whiskey is particularly suitable as a key ingredient in many dishes and makes a fitting, and often surprising, match for many different foods? 


Dark chocolate and cheese are two particularly successful combinations, but there are many more.  With these recipes and food matching suggestions, we'd like you to think outside the box and discover Irish whiskey in its many facets and explore different gourmet food opportuni ties. 


Ireland, with its lush green pastures and clear waters is the source of much high quality produce: beef, fish, seafood, butter, cheese, cream - and wherever possible, these recipes incorporate Irish ingredients.  All recipes and food pairings have been tried and tested and many are very simple - so go ahead, discover the world of Irish whiskey and all its gastronomic possibilities!


If you would like to know more about Irish food, do check out the website for Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board


Recipe of the month - Ledwidge Irish Coffee

Winter is that time of the month when Irish Coffee really comes into its own.  It's such a classic, that you'd think the original recipe couldn't be improved upon.  Well, for years I played with that classic recipe to see if I could improve it, and this became my favourite, and until very recently - secret – recipe.   I named in honour of the great Irish poet, Francis Ledwidge.  If you only make one Irish Coffee this winter, let it be this one!


Ledwidge Irish Coffee



(For one Ledwidge Irish Coffee)

- 2.5cl (a little more than a full bottle cap) Powers Irish Whiskey - I use Powers because its honey and spicy notes complement coffee perfectly, but if you can’t find it at home, you can use another good quality Irish whiskey

- 12cl / 4fl oz Strong freshly brewed dark roast Arabica coffee - excellent quality coffee is essential

- 2cl Canadian maple syrup

- Freshly 'half whipped' Irish Cream with a drop of real vanilla essence and a touch of icing sugar to sweeten


Preparation method

 (For one Ledwidge Irish Coffee)

1.  Pre-heat a clear stemmed glass with very hot water.

2. Empty the water, and add the maple syrup.

3. Now add the coffee and Powers Irish whiskey. Stir well, then wait for the brew to still.

4. Take a hot teaspoon and pour the lightly whipped fresh cream slowly over the back of the spoon. The cream should be "plopping consistency" and must be fresh (please, no aerosol cans!!)

5. Enjoy!



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