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The Temple Bar Pub - one of Dublin's favourite pubs

The front bar in the Temple Bar Pub with some of Ireland's largest whiskey selection - Click for larger image

Images from The Temple Bar Pub award winning whiskey and music pub - Click for larger image

A traditional Irish music session in the Temple Bar pub - Click for larger image

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The Temple Bar Pub - one of Dublin's original whiskey bonders - Click for larger image

The Temple Bar – Dublin 2

The Temple Bar is what everybody imagines an Irish pub in Dublin to be.  It is the type of pub which has been copied – but never equalled – in every corner of the world where great Irish pubs are to be found.

The Temple Bar area is undoubtedly the most popular and lively part of Dublin.  It’s always busy, especially at weekends.  This pub was actually established in 1840, when the whiskey world was dominated by the big Dublin distilleries, and pubs like The Temple Bar bottled their own whiskey.  Now 170 years later, it is still going strong and it has everything a whiskey lover could wish for (and non whiskey drinkers too):  this popular Irish pub is where you will find Ireland’s biggest collection of whiskies!  Over 410 bottles of Irish, Scotch and Bourbons (at the last count).  Their collection of Scotch whiskies is particularly impressive, so if you fancy discovering an unusual Scottish malt, and comparing it to one of our own, this may just be the place to do it.  Surrounded by such a magnificent collection, several of their barstaff have developped a keen interest in whiskey, so do not be shy about asking for advice or recommendations.  Last time we called in, they were in the process of "labelling" each whisky bottle, i.e. affixing neck labels to each of their whiskies, with notes about the distillery and tasting notes about the whisky - a tough job, but someone has to do it!  The Temple Bar can also offer you in-house whiskey tastings - ask for Roberto or Tighe if they are there, they are probably some of the best whiskey connoisseurs in Ireland.

The Temple Bar Pub was voted Irish Music Pub of the Year from 2002 to 2007 and you can enjoy live traditional Irish music sessions there every day.  This is always a lively and busy pub, whatever day of the week or time of the day and it's a good place to meet people.  They also serve really good sandwiches throughout the day, but are especially famous for their Dublin Bay Oysters and Guinness.  The pub is very large, with two separate bars (the whisky collection is spread across both bars), with wonderful old memorabilia everywhere and you can be guaranteed plenty of atmosphere.  We particularly love the beer garden – it’s actually a courtyard within the centre of the pub, so even though you are outdoors, you are still very much part of the pub.


Next time you see the Guinness ad with people worldwide toasting Arthur Guinness to celebrate 250 years of the famous Dublin stout, take a closer look at at the two guys at the beginning of the ad who start the toast... they were sitting in the Temple Bar!  That's how good this pub is - Guinness selected it in 2009 from the thousands of pubs in Ireland to film their global advertising campaign.


For such a large and busy pub, the staff are particularly friendly and as indicated, generally very knowledgeable about whiskey.   So, with that many whiskies to choose from, you could be in store for a long – and enjoyable – session in the Temple Bar.  Afterwards, call into their well stocked souvenir shop next door, for some great keepsakes of your visit to Temple Bar.  They even have an off-licence, so you can purchase your favourite bottle of Irish whiskey to take home with you if you wish.  We recommend you check out their excellent website for more information.

The Temple Bar -  47/48 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Tel: +353 (0)1 672 5286/7




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